Be more resilient, strong, and capable. Understand that your body is a resilient tool when it's exposed to the right environment, in the right way.

Range of Motion Optimization

Decreased range of movement in a joint can lead to long-term problems if not properly addressed. Dr. Rocha combines nervous system training with range of motion and soft tissue techniques to regain a full and active range of motion.

Pain Rehabilitation &
Fear Avoidance

Chronic pain often leads to a heightened nervous system response to stimulus and a lower threshold for movement. Dr. Rocha's approach redevelops how the nervous system reacts with exercises that calm and strengthen.

Strength-based Rehabilitation

With Dr. Rocha’s strength-based rehab, 90 percent of the treatment consists of strength-based movements designed to help each client regain a healthy relationship with their environment while using painless movement under load.

Dr. Rocha's Physiotherapy and Fitness

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Physical Therapy Services

Comprehensive physical therapy care including pre-operative rehabilitation (prehab), post-operative rehabilitation, range of motion optimization, pain rehabilitation, strength-based rehabilitation, strength training, soft tissue mobilization, cupping / soft tissue decompression, neuromuscular facilitation (NMF), integrative sports training / integrative rehab, performance enhancement, gait training / balance training, neurological-based rehabilitation (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions), orthopedics (arthritis, muscle tears, ligament tears), movement analysis for sports and strength athletes, manual therapy, corrective exercise, and post-concussion rehabilitation.

No Referral Needed / Cash-Based

Dr. Rocha intentionally runs his business using a fee-for-service model, freeing him from the constraints imposed by insurance companies and ensuring that each client receives full one-on-one sessions with him on every visit. This model allows him to build a customized plan designed from your unique injury or limitation with the specific goal of returning to your sport/activity better than before. It also means that you have full transparency with what you pay; no unexpected bill 2 months after you’ve finished.